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christmas in the office

It’s a big day in my office today.


Last night we had our office Christmas lunch/pub quiz/night out and some of us are  a little worse for wear today, guess how we cured it?


And thanks to Christmas gifts from other companies, we’re getting through the day with no risk of hunger or chocolate-withdraw.



As if that wasn’t enough Christmas cheer, we were lucky to be visited by Santa’s favourite helpers.


Finally, our office was featured in a highly respectable design magazine for our effort in Christmas decorations.

All that and we haven’t even started the School’s Christmas party for Administrative staff tonight. #iamholidayexhausted

this is why I am festive (fat)

The Christmas Bake off at Work

A night of baking a gingerbread army

Christmas carvery lunch with our Department (there IS ham under this pile)

Pre Office Party lunch at Fuzzy’s. Yes, that is a whole roast dinner (see above) in a Bap. It weighted at least 7lbs.

A Sunday feast with friends and family in Milton Keynes

Then yesterday to top it all off a few of us went to @MEATLiquor which, if you don’t know about it, get to know it. Fast. Three words: Deep Fried Pickles!

Now it’s off to Italy to… well eat some more! ‘Tis the season…