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nike flyknit experience

Anyone want to come with me to try out the new Nike Flyknit running shoes? The ladies over at Lunges & Lycra already love them and I personally can’t wait to try out the new steaming technology that will fit them specifically to my (usually too narrow for Nike) feet.


Nike is hosting a 2 day pop-up at Somerset House on March 5th & 6th where you can go and try a steamed-just-for-you pair of Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+. For more info check out the Nike Running UK Facebook page.

Nike Flyknit Experience
Tuesday March 5th & Wednesday March 6th
9:00am – 6:00pm
Somerset House Courtyard


Next week the answer will defo be yes.

Wednesday is our usual RUNch day so I might swing by for a trial pair and then embark on my perfect run #RUNch 5k around Tower Bridge.


christmas in the office

It’s a big day in my office today.


Last night we had our office Christmas lunch/pub quiz/night out and some of us are  a little worse for wear today, guess how we cured it?


And thanks to Christmas gifts from other companies, we’re getting through the day with no risk of hunger or chocolate-withdraw.



As if that wasn’t enough Christmas cheer, we were lucky to be visited by Santa’s favourite helpers.


Finally, our office was featured in a highly respectable design magazine for our effort in Christmas decorations.

All that and we haven’t even started the School’s Christmas party for Administrative staff tonight. #iamholidayexhausted

Our personalized wedding London cityscape made by the talented @llalpaca. #coolestweddinggiftever

live music

We went out to a great show in London last night. The Japandroids were in town and being Canadian, and from Vancouver we had to go support local talent.

It was such a great show in a very cool super disco party gay club venue under Charing Cross station. It was an hour of fun dance party music and there was a pretty amazing shout out to East Vancouver and Hockey Arenas. 4 words I have not heard enough of in the past 18 months.

No pictures because I was wearing leggings as pants and there were no pockets for  camera or even phone. But it looked a lot like this:

(image via google images)

Got a great NTC workout in at Westfield London last Friday… with SERENA WILLIAMS!  Getting the chance to train with a world class athlete? Worth every second of doing burpees in front of Friday mall shoppers with mobile phone cameras… #awkward