wormwood scrubs

Yep, another cross country post. This Saturday I ran a Met League meet at Wormwood Scrubs.  Not the most inspiring venue, but actually a great course that was soft underfoot but not too muddy. Storm Desmond threw a bit of wind into the mix making some parts of the course more about survival than moving forward.


It was a great race with a huge Serpie turnout for both men and women. Lots of cakes after and a big contingent down to the pub after the races. I felt amazing during the race and really pushed it to gain places and start getting comfortable running around 8 minute/miles again.


And because cross country isn’t all well posed photos, here’s a photo of me looking my best during the race. Running up one of the hills on the course after just passing the Highgate woman behind me trying to keep the place and not let her go by me. It’s as glamorous as you will ever see someone running in the middle of December on a windy course in short shorts and a vest.


After the race we headed back on the course to cheer the men on. They did 3 laps of the same course we did. Fun Met League XC fact: All results are recorded as 6k for women and 8k for men, but each course varies in distance. The Wormwood Scrubs course for women (2 laps) was actually 6.5km. This is why cross country is so different in the UK compared to American races. Plus, in America they seem to always race on pristine golf courses with no mud.



Anyway, that cross country finished for 2015. A bit of a Christmas break and then back at it in January!



4 thoughts on “wormwood scrubs

  1. Mary

    I never realised there was a difference between American and British cross-country.
    In our cross-country league both males and females run at the same time, although points are still worked out depending on your gender. All of our league races for both genders are approx 5 miles…and we still have all the mud!
    I do love cross-country running. Can’t believe I wasn’t a fan when I was at school!

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      A few of our races are co-ed 5 mile courses. I call them xc marathons as the extra few miles seems like SO much more! For the Southern Nationals the Women’s course is 5 miles and the men’s 8! I can’t imagine running 8 miles of the mud.

  2. lloydsloops

    Great reflections Laura on what was
    A thoroughly enjoyable race/s
    And despite the gusts of Des
    The conditions were rather good
    Given the Scrubs can be so unforgiving underfoot
    In more ways than one
    My first CX in eleven years
    And i for one appreciated your support
    With the contingent of Serps
    Huddled on the corner!
    Well done
    Well run

  3. Helen

    Our cross country league is the same as Mary’s – co-ed and between 4 and 5 miles. The Saturday league races are different distances and start times for men and women – I’ll be trying the first one of those in the new year, I like the sound of a shorter distance and being able to cheer on the men’s team!


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