maximum comfort performance

There is a lot of reflection at this time of the year. Lots of people writing their best of/looking ahead posts and I’m really enjoying reading them while sitting on the couch with my feet up.

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Running the Olympic Park 5k with Oiselle UK. Photo via:

Yes, I’ve been running a few races, and doing a few mid-week runs when it’s sunny, but I’ve been doing a lot more relaxing than usual and it feels good. I’ve got a pretty full spring of running coming up so am enjoying the extra rest and layers of energy accumulating on my body.


A few weeks ago I lost my slippers. We did a big house clean and they vanished. The same day I got an email from Damart asking if I’d like to try a product to review on this blog. Mail order catalogues remind me of pouring over the Sears catalogue when I was younger and cutting out the things I wanted for Christmas for my letter to Santa.  Then in my teens there was nothing cooler than everything in Delias. Even though we couldn’t order the stuff in Canada I spent my whole high school years wishing I could wear a that black spaghetti strap dress to one of the dances.


I put these comfortable slippers through their paces so I can give you a fair and accurate review of them. I wore them taking out the rubbish, putting up the Christmas tree, and to/from the toilet in the middle of the night. Being a bit more of a shoe than a slipper they’re good for running between the couch and the kitchen. For all your comfort needs! I don’t really know what else to say, if you have any slipper performance questions let me know in the comments.

For maximum comfort performance I have been living in these slippers and my merino wool track pants from Oiselle.

I received these slippers for free from Damart in exchange for writing a product review on my blog.


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