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There’s been a lot of talk and backtalk about appearances on social media lately. I’m glad people are being honest about what they are posting, but if readers for once second believe that people are posting un-edited photos for the sake of it, well I’ve got a Nigerian uncle who wants to send you £50,000,000.

I follow some heavily edited instagram accounts and when the woman posts a photo of herself just walking down a street in a nice dress on the way to her coffee date, I know it’s a paid for post. That dress, that street, that coffee place, someone is paying her. It would be nice if everyone followed the rules, but when staffed online magazines “for busy women” aren’t declaring their free products and sponsored posts let’s just assume no one is bothering to.

I posted this photo on instagram on Sunday


What’s the story behind this photo? I wasn’t paid, not asked to showcase any kit, but there are 91 stories behind this photo.

I took my phone and selfie button in my running belt and set off on a relaxed 6 mile run. At the end of the Parkland walk I propped my phone on a wet log and used a few sticks to try to make it stay up while I ran around and took some photos.


It wasn’t all in an effort to just get one good instagram photo, I was having some fun seeing what the photos looked like and generally having fun playing around outside on a gorgeous November day.


I even got some nice sky shots while my phone fell over into the mud and I was too busy prancing around to notice.


My phone thought I was trying to make a video with all these photos so saved them as a gif.


I’m aware I don’t have a future in fun jumping photos.


I’m also not sure why I turned into TRON for one shot.


Noted. When you try to hard to make it look like you’re running, it doesn’t look like you are running at all.


And in the end no one is going to believe you were running alone on the trails and a photographer just happened to be there to catch you at your best moment. So just own up and enjoy the selfie process.



7 thoughts on “how i social media

  1. Bikesy

    I have to admit that until I’d read the stories in the *cough* Daily Mail (yeah I know!) I hadn’t really any idea about what went into the Instagram perfect shot, I’d naively thought they were one hit takes.

    There again I’d always thought celebs were caught unawares working out in the park with a personal trainer until it was pointed out to me that those shots were nearly always followed by a workout DVD a few months down the line!

  2. Ben

    I bet your 91 takes isn’t far off what some people do to get that perfect running in the wild photo. I actually really like the instagram photos that aren’t perfect, the ones that show a person red faced and exhausted at the end of a run. Would be nice if the paid posts at least had a #sp at the end wouldn’t it?

  3. ultraboycreates

    I don’t think I’d ever bother lying about photographs I’ve taken. Sometimes the only way to capture your run moment is to stop and set it up – I must have deleted dozens of timer created photographs because they were too weird to post anywhere.

    What does annoy though are those sponsored posts and the paid for product reviews, lots of people use these as the basis for purchase or comparison and when it’s done under the guise of an ‘honest and bias free’ report then that’s deception. I’ve reviewed lots of bits and pieces over the years I’ve been both running and blogging and I’ve always paid for the things I’ve reviewed and it’s always been kit I’ve bought hoping that it would be right for me and my running, this way I don’t ever feel as though I’m having to write nice things, I can simply write what I feel is appropriate to aid my readers.

    Additionally, do love your collection of photographs – I like the tron one best 😀

  4. tldasha

    I think we all need to take it with a massive pinch of salt; everyone edit’s their lives on social media – it’s innate behaviour. Think it’s problematic as you said the photos that are actually paid advertisements. I think the conversations around people saying they need to be authentic about their photos is a bit naive – come on, it’s Instagram! The very fact that you’re taking a photo to upload (speaking as a blogger et al) means its been composed with that thought in mind and there’s a bit of personal branding, albeit it may be small in some cases happening. LOVE the Tron photo. And the Nigerian uncle joke is spot on haha.


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