maraton training lesson #3

Kit matters.

I’m not talking about fancy “outfit systems” or 3 pairs of trainers on rotation to avoid your legs falling off. I’m talking about the kit you use for every run because it’s functional.


For me there has been one standout piece of kit during my first 8 weeks of training. This running belt is the best thing I’ve ever owned. I asked my friend Melissa to make it as she’s designs and sews custom running kit, and I just had to send over my measurements and colour preferences and bammo! The perfect run accessory.

Why is it so great?

  1. It’s a wide band and sits perfectly on top of shorts/leggings/anything and short of another explanation, hugs your muffin-top perfectly so it stays in place AND smoothes it all out. Functional spanx? Yes please.
  2. It is one big tube. I have a big ol’ Android phone that fits into approximately zero pockets. With this belt the zipper is big so I can slip it in and then move it around to where it fits best along my back or front. Since it’s also technical fabric it compresses everything so nothing is bouncing around (even keys & coins) on even the longest runs.
  3. It’s one piece. It’s not a bag with a strap or anything complicated. It’s so basic that nothing can break, snap, pop, or jiggle.

Why is it so great for marathon training?

  1. One word. Long runs. Ha, that’s actually two but in my mind I say it so fast (to get it over with) it’s one word.
  2. I like to take my phone/camera out on runs. I like taking photos of the trolls under bridges on the Parkland Walk, the views from Ally Pally, the calm canal on Sunday mornings, and of course my sweaty face. I run to discover new places and like to take pictures to remember it all.
  3. On the longer 2+ hour runs that are inevitable in marathon training, I also like to take my phone for directions.  It is really hard to plan a simple 18 mile route in London that doesn’t involve laps around a park.  Safety is always important too and I like to be able to get in touch with people if needed on those looooooooooong runs.
  4. It holds so much more than just my phone. Tissue  paper (very much appreciated on my last long run for reasons unmentioned), shot bloks, keys, iPod shuffle, and my Oyster card were in there and not noticed at all while running.

IMG_20140503_141251 img_20140330_103929

I’ve used this belt at all my international races too. My race selfies are all thanks to this belt. So get in touch with Melissa if you want one, for £20 it’s the best investment I’ve made for my running in a long time.


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