time to myselfie

It’s been a month since I ran the Downslink Ultra. I promised myself I’d take some time to rest and recover not just after the ultra, but after 9 months of running & training for running.

Told through the modern art form of selifes, here is what I’ve been doing:


Actually cooking dinner. This means eating a whole meal while the actual dinner cooks, but it’s working for now.


Helping lead a Track Session for my run club on Monday nights.


Volunteering in the kit room at my club and trying not to buy all the nice new kit.


Cleaning the house for the first time in months. Doing this in my ultra tshirt obviously.


Carving a jack-o-lantern then roasting the seeds with garlic and rosemary.


Marshaling the Jekyl & Hyde (park) Halloween duathlon.


Climbing up a kids adventure tree house during our Halloween morning run.


Halloween run = trick or TREATS!


Walking off a Halloween/RWC hangover in my favourite Offgrid tshirt & Patagonia hat (covers all hungover sins)


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