The Great British Beerathon

It’s hard to put my experience at the 2015 Beerathon into words. As an event it doesn’t lend itself well to a race recap either. We came, we ran, we ate, we drank.

On arrival at the Hoop & Grapes we saw a lot of tables like this


First up were handicap shots for those silly people wearing running kit.


The start line. My money was on the pigeon.


1 mile done. Time for a cider & cheese pasty


Loving the pasty. I went with the starvation pre-race warmup technique so was well ready for a drink & a bite.


Another mile done. Time for lager & a meat pie. Probably the most dense snack of the day it was tasty & filling.


Lagers done! Time for another lap.



That lap did not go as planned. Feeling the denseness of the delicious pie back at the pub.


But, the Beerathon must go on! Time for a bitter & quiche. Based on the consistency of the snack, the quiche was the easiest to eat. For better or worse, not much chewing required.


Quiche conquered back on the course for our 4th mile. Thumbs are up.


Thank you Ride London for the on course portaloos.


Last one! A stout & ginger cake. Any pudding is cause for celebration.


Down in one.. two… three… (23 minutes)


After a leisurely last lap (for us, not the child who was petrified of a hotdog chasing him down Fleet street). Success! Beerathon’ers


1:58:30 later we were done. According to Strava my GPS might have had a few pints too.


We hung around for one more drink and watched the awards ceremony. More pints for the winners (downed in 10, 9, 8, 7….) and some extra special full fat milk pints for those taking on the Ride 100 on Sunday.

If you want to join in next year keep an eye out as the Beerathon is put on by the great Beer Belly Running crew (guy?) for charity and spaces go quickly.


5 thoughts on “The Great British Beerathon

  1. Scallywag (@ScallywagSprint)

    Guys I am SO proud of you, what an achievement.

    More seriously, that race sounds hilarious and tasty 🙂 Love the hamburger hat also… where does one get those?

    Also did you feel super drunk at the end? Cause I used to do beer miles and they get you SO drunk. Like 10 mins after the race you’re suddenly like, ‘HELLO’

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      There were definitely some HELLO moments after the third pint. But that said I think my body got used to it quickly as didn’t feel so drunk after – almost considered biking home!

  2. Mary

    This looks great! So random and fun. More races should involve mid race beer! 😛
    Are you sure it was Strava’s fault for the wobbly GPS line?…! Haha!


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