Last week I was invited back to the Underground Cookery School to do some Mexican cooking on Mexican Independence Day.  As I’m still marathon training I never say no to food in any shape or size, so off I went with full runger ready to be satisfied.


Invited by none other than, El Paso, we sliced and diced everything from whole chickens to dozens of avocados to make up a tasty meal in their new stand n’ stuff burrito bowl product. Let’s get this straight: I love burritos in all shapes and sizes. I love traditional burritos the most but am not adverse to trying new formats so this was a welcome test.



I filled mine up to the top with all the usual suspects and chowed down. I personally don’t think it’s much easier to eat than a well-wrapped burrito but we did get a kick out of calling them burrito boats and then filling them up with enough guacamole to sink the titanic.


I had about 3 of these delicious bowls and apparently ate all the cheese so one blogger mentioned she’d have to “photoshop the cheese in later” which exactly sums up why I’m not a food blogger *burp*.


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