marathon training lesson #4

Listen to your body.

It’s so easy to say but so much harder to do.

I started off marathon training on somewhat shaky ground (well a shaky knee, let’s not blame the ground) recovering from some overuse injuries. As I built up the mileage things were surprisingly feeling great. The long runs were tough but not too tough to finish.

There were a magical few weeks where everything was going to plan and everything felt great.

But, as the miles have increased though so has the discomfort on my right side.  I’ve been working really hard to listen to my body and stop using “external supports” to fix pain. I’m a huge believer in your body being able to fix itself and the more pills/tape/supports you add to it only weaken it’s own fighting spirit.

So rather than strap it up and push through the 20 miles my training plan says tomorrow I’m going to give it a rest. Skipping THE big run of any marathon training plan is no easy feat, I’ve gone back and forth on this decision about a hundred times due to The Fear of going off plan, but in the end I keep coming back to the mantra I’ve been repeating when The Fear starts to take over. Using a meditation technique I just repeat my mantra over and over again “I believe in my body” (another favourite is “I am here now”) and it kicks The Fear right out of my mind.

I’m going to listen to my body because it wants to go to Dublin with Alex, see my Parents (who are coming over from Canada to watch!), and spend a few hours running towards the pub with these 5 amazing ladies.


Photo from @lazygirlrunning


5 thoughts on “marathon training lesson #4

  1. Cat

    When I ran my first marathon I got a bit injured and couldn’t do the 20 mile run I had penciled in – I only got up to 16 miles in training but come race day I was glad I’d rested (I think, it was a while ago now) and still got my race goal.

    I’m in a similar situation to you now with Atacama ahead and it feels weird resting rather than running, but i don’t want to do anything stupid. So let’s both listen to our bodies and believe in the amazing things they can do! (because they really can)

  2. fromsnickerstomarathon

    I’m no marathon expert but I bet your body will thank you for rest much more than it will thank you for pushing it to do 20 miles. I only got up to 16 miles before London this year and still finished the race with a smile and a PB. You’ll be absolutely fine, in fact much better than fine I bet.

  3. charliezbrown

    I have no doubt that your awesome attitude to running will get you through Dublin if nothing else! No doubt whatsoever! So you are definitely doing the right thing!!! X

  4. goldilocksrunning

    I’m beginning to think the more I read from people like Cat about their amazing feats that a positive mindset is more important than a number in the training diary anyway- there’s nothing to say 20 miles makes you ready in any way other than convincing you you can do it.

    Go forth, say #shutuplegs and be awesome! You know you can.

  5. Kathy_QN

    Hi Laura, so sorry to hear you have this knee issue and I am impressed that you are being smart and not making it worse! Believe me I know how upsetting it can be to be injured. Hope it feels better now. Good luck!


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