Bacchus Half Marathon 2014

I don’t really have much to say about this year’s Bacchus half marathon. It was simply great, dare I say even better than last year?

Alex and I dressed up as Fast Food (if you consider 12:00 minute miles fast…) and spent the 13.1 miles meeting new friends, learning all about the various wine races around the world (there are 3 in Germany alone!), and enjoying some of our favourite trails to run up and down on.

Here are some photos of us dressed up as food eating more food.

Hats: Tiger
Tshirts: Primark
Sock tape: Tiger
Race Belt: 2 medium fries from McDonalds I ate the night before (along with a McChicken for good measure)








There are some actually great (and more detailed) race reports out there check out the one from my friend Charlie!


3 thoughts on “Bacchus Half Marathon 2014

  1. Sarah

    These outfits are BRILLIANT! Love your attitude of having fun at races- I always look forward to your race reports (and can’t wait to race/eat at Steeplechase with you!)

  2. mia79gbr

    Love the outfit! I ran (drank my way through) this one too – so much fun! I am definitely signing up again next year!!


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