The Benefits of Eating Home-Grown Food

I want an allotment so bad! Our current flat has about 2 sq. feet of space that I can use to grow things and have had some success with chives but last summer when a basil plant jumped off the windowsill to its smashing death on the sidewalk below, I decided growing my own veggies might not be safe for the general public.


Now that it’s National Allotment Week (1st – 10th August) I’ve been thinking about the benefits of growing your own food. The folks at Betta Living have come up with these 5 points

ADDED NUTRIENTS The pesticides, artificial sweeteners and preservatives present in a lot of shop-bought items might mean more sales for the big supermarkets, but it’s the consumers that are ultimately losing out. The nutritional value of shop-bought produce simply doesn’t compare to eating your own, from fresh. Supermarkets allow us to get hold of a large variety of veg, all year-round, but this is mainly because fruit and veg is harvested early, meaning you lose out on a lot of the potential Vitamin C.

SAVING MONEY Once you know how easy it is to grow your own vegetables, you’ll start to realise how expensive simple items like lettuce leaves are in the shops. These items can soon add up, so growing your own food can end up saving you a small fortune.

LIGHT EXERCISE As well as the health benefits that come with eating better food, you’ll reap the rewards that come with doing a bit of light exercise form time to time. There are also a number of benefits that come with getting a bit of fresh air and a chance to clear your mind.

BEING SOCIAL Making use of a local allotment is a great way to meet people, make new friends and build a sense of community between you and your neighbours. If you have little ones, it can also be a great little project for them to get involved with too.

HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT If you don’t use pesticides and herbicides at home then you’ll be helping the environment by minimising the amount of air and water pollution. You’re also reducing the need for imported produce, which lowers the amount of plane and truck fuel needed.

From justified concerns about the chemicals found in processed foods, to saving money, there are several reasons for growing your own. So why not give the self-provisioning attitude a go?

Written in collaboration with Betta Living.


5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Eating Home-Grown Food

  1. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I have had success with lettuce and herbs before in a small garden/balcony- looking forward to moving to our own house so I can properly start to grow our own stuff. My parents have an awesome veggie garden and I always come back to London laden down with produce after visiting them.


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