marathon training lesson #2

I never read articles or blogs that claim to tell you how to run a marathon, or 5 things to remember when running a marathon, or how to train RIGHT for a marathon NOW…

2014-08-06 07-45-29-911-MOTION

I’m sure the authors mean well, but at their best it’s basic running advice (eat smart, run smart, be happy) and at worst they are fear inducing plots that make you doubt everything you ever believed running to be.

What I have been reading in the run up to the Dublin Marathon are a lot of different magazines, blogs (monoblogues even) race recaps, and interesting pieces by a variety of people. My current favourite at-home core work out comes from a cycling magazine and my second favourite workout is my new hula hoop.

I have a training plan for the marathon but have been making it work with my life rather than against it. After running 40k at the Thunder Run, my legs were not up to a long run the week after so I spent the Sunday at a 2 year old’s birthday party (much more physically exhausting by the way). This Saturday I have a 3 mile shakeout run on the plan, but I’ve been invited to go do yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard in Richmond – so that’s getting substituted in. I’m not sure if I added this to week 5 of How to Train for a Marathon article anyone would believe me.


This weekend I am also venturing into the ultra-half marathon territory of my training and on Sunday have the longest run of my life since the 2012 Brighton Half Marathon that was actually 13.6 miles. I’m excited to get into the long runs and experience what it’s like for me to run that far. Something no article has been able to tell me yet.


5 thoughts on “marathon training lesson #2

  1. Jen @slaterjen

    This sounds far more appealing than any plan, any must-do list I’ve seen! The training plans are the reason I’ve said I don’t want to run a marathon however, looking at your training… J


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