this is what recovery looks like

After my surfing injury (iIm going to forever call it that even though in reality it was more of a in-the-ocean-trying-to-surf-but-failing-so-just-holding-on-to-the-board-trying-not-to-get-blue-crushed injury) I knew I had to take it easy and let my body do what it does best.  I did all the pragmatic things like see my GP, get a MRI, and visit a physio and all the crazy things like try every single recovery and strengthening exercises anyone who has ever had a knee injury told me.

I even tried out the Actipatch with it’s electromagnetic pulse therapy. It made me look like a hardcore half woman half machine, but didn’t really do anything in terms of healing so off to the bin it went.


What I didn’t do what focus on the injury itself. Life is too short to wallow in what coulda/woulda/shoulda so I filled my time with fun things like taking my Leadership in Running Fitness course with England Athletics.  We spent a hot day in Essex learning about coaching techniques and how to structure training sessions.


I’ve also been doing my physio exercises in the park. Have yoga mat will travel.


Without running there is room for new hobbies in my life, like birthday parties.


And eating towers of hashbrowns.


And most importantly, if you can’t run: Cheer. A lovely Saturday morning spent cheering on new parkrunners in Highbury Fields!



I’ve also been told to keep up the eating while recovery. More energy for my body to repair itself is a good thing. I was sent some Multipower Sportsfood Nature’s Power Bars to try out. They sat in my desk drawer with all my other essentials and over the past few weeks I worked my way through them. My review? They’re nice. None are overly sweet and each have enough of a taste to make them a treat (the salted cocoa is my fav). I’m not one to go out and buy loads of bars (if I have them I eat them, fast) but do recommend them if that’s your cuppa tea.


I also fell back in love with apples and covered them with nutella and granola for a perfect afternoon snack.



It all seems to be working and along with some sports massages and trigger point releases (owwwww) my knee is starting to feel better and it’s looking like the Mont Blanc 10k is going to be doable!


4 thoughts on “this is what recovery looks like

  1. Emma

    I remembered you wrote a great post about recovery and decided to dig it out after being told no exercise for 2 weeks – you are my injury inspiration! 🙂


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