Last night I checked off a pretty big goal and co-lead my first running group.

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of running with friends, strangers, Olympians, running stores, and speedy ladies. Some of my best runs have come while running with other people and I firmly believe that you learn so much more about running when other people. Sometimes you’re pushing your limits keeping up with faster runners, and sometimes you’re working on your breathing while chatting with friends during the run. There are too many positives to mention here, not to mention you meet new people and discover new running routes.


I’ve been working with the Lululemon Islington Showroom to develop their local running community for the past few months.  They already have some ace yoga ambassadors and offer free yoga classes each weekend, but there hasn’t been a space for community runners until now.  I’ve been collaborating with the lovely ultra running Justyna to find good local routes and get the word out to Islington runners that we’re here and ready to run.


We had our first run last night around the 5k stadium route that challenged us with stairs and hills and constantly chatting to each other while keeping a speedy pace. I think the pace was set to get back to the showroom quicker so we could dig into the run club cookies waiting for us.


If you want to join us and get to know more people in our friendly running community come on down any Wednesday. We meet at the showroom at 6:15 for a 6:30 run (we do leave bob on!). Bags can be left in the locked showroom and cookies are (usually) guaranteed.

Join the Facebook group for updates and come run with me!


4 thoughts on “

  1. charliezbrown

    It was a lovely run!!! Loved a good natter the whole way round … I think we were speedy as we knew those cookies were waiting for us!! Look forward to next week!

  2. Stephanie

    Any thoughts on organizing weekend group runs for marathon training? Boston and London training should be kicking off soon and it would be great to train with a group!

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      Hi Stephanie – Lululemon islington does weekend runs from the showroom once a month on the last Sunday of each month. We do a long run then go straight into yoga after to stretch our bodies out. Check their facebook group for more info.


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