next race



Has anyone done it before? Any suggestions for post race pubs?


3 thoughts on “next race

  1. Katie

    As a Cambridge resident I guess I should be able to step in and advise here! If you haven’t been to Cambridge before then I would say go to one of the riverside pubs to soak up some of the atmosphere. The nearest one to the finish is the Fort St George (made famous when Wills and Kate visited there a few years ago) but it might be packed and I’m not sure what the food is like. The Cambridge classic is the Anchor, on Silver Street – you can sit and watch the punts from its terrace/inside. There is also the Eagle on Bene’t Street, which is apparently where DNA was discovered – not riverside, but not faraway and good pub grub.

    Hope you enjoy the race and Cambridge!

  2. Lucy

    I did a 10k there last October, the Old Spring was lovely for post-race food and drink. The Boathouse was nice as it is right on the River so you can sit outside with a drink. The Chop House in the town centre was also nice for dinner. Another pub also on the River was Fort St George, we had a few drinks in there. Cambridge also had a nice food market which had lovely cakes etc.

    1. Katie

      I’d forgotten about the Old Spring – would second that recommendation if you’re after food. The mention of cakes has also reminded me about my favourite cafe – Afternoon Tease on King Street…amazing cakes! Not far from Midsummer Common (the finish).


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