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You guys know I love running clubs. Put together a group of supportive runners, a good trainers to put you through your paces, add a London park and a sunny evening after work and I’m happy as a clam.

I have signed up for the Nike We Own the Night 10k in May with #teamnaturallyrun, and as a part of the event they’re offering free training runs leaving from Niketown on Monday nights. Last week Boutique Sport’s After Dark Run club ended, so this week was the perfect time to check it out and continue my Monday night running habit.

The training is put on in association with Elle UK, so obviously there was a photographer catching our street (running?) style at Oxford Circus, and it’s no Scott Schuman, but I’m pretty proud of my first street style moment.



Being a Nike event we were treated to 4 (maybe 5? So many!) of the best Nike Master Trainers who led us in a warm up jog to Regent’s Park, and then a quick active warm-up before splitting us into 3 groups for the training run proper.  Feeling brave after my 53:24 PB at the Energizer Run on the weekend I moved towards the advanced group who were planning to do 9km with sprints. About 7 of us advanced ladies set off at what I thought was a fast pace, only to get faster. We were running about 5:15 kms which is my absolute fastest for a 5k, not over 9kms! I just focused on breathing and trying to keep proper form (push with the hamstrings and butt!) and keeping the lead ladies in sight.


Me & Charlie carefully crossing the street.

After a big loop of Regent’s Park we ran through the inner circle doing about 20 second sprint intervals at about 80% to push our speed.  I was in shorts and it was still HOT, I got my first red-run face of 2013 in for sure.  After using what seemed like the last possible drop of energy left in my legs we slowed it down and enjoyed the stop/start of running back down Regent’s Street to Niketown.


The seriously fast front of the pack advanced ladies and me tucked in behind.

Back at Niketown we had a good stretch and cookies. Yes cookies. My friend’s Leah and Charlie kicked butt in the Intermediate group and said it was also a tough run that pushed them to do their best. All in all it was a great session where people could perform their best and still be pushed to do better. Not all running groups are so well organised and I really appreciated the fact that I was never left alone but also pushed myself to train hard.

If you want to join us (all are welcome! Even if you’re not signed up for the We Own the Night race yet…) come to the next session! Details are below


We Own the Night Training
Nike UK & Elle UK Running
Niketown London
Mondays 6:00pm meet (for 6:15pm run)
Beginner, intermediate & advanced groups to train with
Baggage check and changing rooms available



3 thoughts on “another run club

  1. Charlie @therunnerbeans

    I loved it, so well organised and the pacers in our group were so encouraging. Pushed myself more than I would when running alone. Didn’t mention the brownie and cookies post run snack, huh! I think that would entice others!!


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