running at eating… at work

My job has nothing to do with running or eating, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying to incorporate some running and lots of eating into my daily 9-5.

Most week’s I’m out RUNching with willing co-workers on Wednesdays enjoying the London weather of the moment and getting some fresh air. Sometime’s we can be found at the park across the road doing a bootcamp session or in the gym downstairs.  Overall we’re a pretty active office so when some PRs for food companies got in touch to sample their products I thought – why not send them to my work and put them in the staff kitchen for those runger moments.

Aloe vera juice

Taj Foods only sent me 2 bottles of the juice which wasn’t quite enough to share around the office, I tried the mango flavour and was immediately put off by the sweetness and the gooey chunks floating in it. It was not the type of drink I’d reach for post-run, but others have said they like it.


Fruyo – (aka 0% Total Greek yoghurt with fruit)

I am one of those people who eat the 0% yoghurt – not because it’s fat free – because I don’t like creamy yoghurt (or milk…) I know they’re loaded with sugars and fat is good for you but for me they’re a treat not a staple in my diet so I’m all for less creamy yoghurt options.

Fage sent over a huge selection of their new Fruyo yoghurts and they were so good. I baked with a few of them (Banana bread!) and the rest were left in the office for post-RUNch runger snacks. They were also really popular with the workout-before-work crowd who wanted something to eat at their desk.


So I couldn’t quite leave this one in the office kitchen, but when Quorn sent me a bunch of their products they wanted me to try them as a way to add more protein to my diet and recovery.  I love meat and have no problems cooking my own meat so I wasn’t keen on replacing any of my meals but figured it was worth giving this different product a shot.

Plus if it’s good enough for Mo, it’s good enough for me.

I can’t say that I was sold on the visual of my various Quorn products – but on a Sunday when Alex and I had got home from our half marathon and even after having a roast AND pudding earlier in the day we were hungry 2 hours later.  Hungry & lazy we weren’t up to going out or even walking up/down the flights of stairs to get takeaway so the Quorn escalopes in the fridge seemed pretty appetizing.  They’re a quick cook and once I covered them in buttery garlic mushrooms and added a bit of rice provided a perfect second dinner.

Does anyone else get random food deliveries to their office and use their co-workers as guinea pigs? 


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