baking with Greek yogurt

Last week I received a lovely delivery from Total filled with their new high protein Greek Yoghurt Fruyo.  Officially it’s a delivery for our office running club and we’re going to be testing it to see if the claims of it’s “high protein snack to keep you full” are true.


I grabbed a couple of the vanilla pots and took them home on a free night to make up some banana bread.

I used this recipe and obviously subbed OUT the nuts (stay out of my banana bread) and IN dark chocolate chips. I also added 1/4c of coconut mixed in just before they went in the oven. It adds a nice crisp to the top too.


The only warning I would put out to anyone trying the recipe is that if you are using frozen bananas add another 1/4-1/2c of flour as mine came out super moist (might have been the excessive chocolate chips I added though too…)


Jess also sent me this great site for all the things you can sub Greek yogurt for in baking.


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