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I love reading about people’s running journeys. Whether they’re training for a marathon, plodding along country trails, or competing for first in their age group in club championships. Give me all the running stories and I’m a happy commuter on my morning bus.

That said I see a huge difference in the running blogs/twitter accounts I read and the ones that are in mainstream press. I’m mostly talking about the running magazines, marathon sponsored “bloggers”, and sponsored training programs here.  I have been seeing the same type of runners featured again and again.  I’m no PR or communications manager, but I know what I like to read about and what captures my attention so here’s what I want to see more of when you’re picking bloggers:

What I want to see more of:

  • Creative types. Running is full of athletic inclined people. I love it when people from the creative community get into running and bring a whole new approach to the same step-step-step-stepx26.2 miles thing.  I follow a load of runners in Run Dem Crew for this exact reason. They’re running, creating, and inspiring.
  • Youth. Where are all the 18-24 year olds! Get running and get sharing. I’d love to hear how you run and balance the epic 22-year old nights out.
  • Honest writers. I want over-sharers who will tell me everything about their run. I want the stats, I want the gear, I want the bowel movements, and I want to know what you really think about each run.
  • Committed writers. Remember how the London Marathon recruited some bloggers to blog about their journey to the marathon? Oh yeah, probably not because they’ve disappeared from the online running community since it launched. It’s easy to start a blog, but work to keep it up. If you’re committed to sharing your journey it makes for a better read for everyone.
  • Fast & Far people. I know I said above that I’ve heard enough from the athlete-types, but that’s a bit of a lie.  I love reading about those who go faster and further than I can even dream possible.  Sometimes I am so inspired by them I start to think that 6:30 miles over a marathon is possible… and then set out on my max 9:00 mile pace. Recently I’ve been swept into some ultra running blogs and the way they write about running 50-100 miles make it sound like such a lovely experience I *almost* think it’s a great way to spend a Sunday.
  • Risk takers. Everyone knows that feeling of setting a high goal and the sheer panic of trying to achieve it. I want to read about you and yours!

I also have a list of those who I am bored of, but at the risk of offending everyone I’ve decided to leave this as a positives-only list.  Please please please publishing world can we hear more about these people and their running adventures?

Blogging about running is this simple.

Blogging about running is this simple.


9 thoughts on “unsolicited advice

  1. splutterandroll

    Great post Laura. I’ve deleted half the people I follow on Twitter but it’s now full of runners who inspire me, make me laugh and get me excited about running. More of these please!

  2. Mary

    Recently had a big clearout on my BlogLovin’ list and got rid of anyone that I didn’t feel was really blogging about anything different to anyone else. I agree, I would love to see some younger bloggers writing and I’m much more likely to be drawn in to 100% honest and entertaining bloggers than those writing the same old posts as everyone else.

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      I totally agree Mary. I think a lot of people are still stuck in the “people want to read about people who are similar to them” mindset (especially in traditional media) and from what I see in the running community it’s not quite like that. We want to see what other people are doing and be inspired!

  3. secret_marathon_runner

    As someone new to blogging I find this sort of thing really helpful. I read a fair few blogs faithfully because they’ve drawn me in with their humour and candour but along with that are tales of people putting SO much effort into achieving their goals that it’s spurred me on when I’ve found the going tough.

    It’s good to be reminded that you have to work hard but the hard work pays off. It’s also nice to know that, although you might be doing it alone, you’re not the only one going through it. And if there’s an amusing story about pooping in the park then I’ll be back for more, no doubt.

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      Thanks Secret Marathon – I totally agree and one thing I forgot to mention in this post is that people blogging are themselves. I might not enjoy someone’s personal blog, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong! I just wrote this list to put it out there the things I want to see MORE of!

  4. Sarah

    I love this- especially the thing about young running bloggers- I sometimes feel like I’m one of the only running students out there blogging! I think you’re totally right, a good mix of blogs to follow is essential- and I enjoy the ones too that make me feel like I can just about do anything.

  5. Laura's Little Sister

    I’ve got some good “youthful” running stories for ya LD! One revolves around a particularly fond Sun Run experience that I call “the time I was burping up 2am Fireball shots for 10km…” Perhaps a feature on “Still drunk in the morning runs during the Calgary Stampede: dizzy and dangerous”

  6. mia79gbr

    Great post and I totally agree! I had a Bloglovin clear out today … funnily enough just before I read your post. I want the same – fun posts, something different, toenails dropping off, gory blisters and poo stories!! Us runners are complete over-sharers. Bring it on!!


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