someone thinks you are running wrong

Opinions are like a**holes, every blogger has one. So, it’s not often I get angry about what I read on the internet.  Yesterday I came across an article from Elle UK’s Running team that ticked all the boxes of the worst blog post in the world.  Let’s play one of those back-of-the-paper games. Spot the problems with the picture below


Did you get them all? I found 3 before even starting the damn article


  1. As Laura pointed out, their running articles fall under the Beauty section.
  2. Stating that someone is running wrong
  3. Stating that heel striking is wrong

I could also add a 4th in that it’s written by an Elle UK senior writer, not a medical professional or expert in the field of running bio mechanics.

I replied to the tweet ElleUKRunning sent out saying that this was a dangerous article and no running is wrong nor should anyone judge anyone else’s running style based on one photo (or ever as a general life rule) and then RT’d the article with the words “UGH” preceding it. Needless to say a few of my running friends had some comments on this too:


There are a million opinions on everything in the running community (including foot strike) but I’ve never seen so many people insulted by this writer’s judgement of other runners. It’s one thing for her to want to change her own foot strike and running style, but a whole other thing to say other people should too AND judge those who have not. In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner,

Here are some of the other replies I received about the article:


It wasn’t too long before the writer herself caught wind of our complaints and apologised saying it wasn’t her intention to offend anyone. I appreciated her apology and subsequent update to the story but don’t think it went far enough as she is still promoting the judgement of other runners.


This judgement crap is why a lot of people stay away from the gym and fitness classes or don’t get out there and just run even though they enjoy it.  Listen, I’m all for wearing nice clothes and matching my trainers to my sports bra when I run, but we’ve got to STOP judging other people and start focusing on ourselves, our goals, our reasons for running, OUR BODIES.  If running feels good, do it. If skipping down the muddy path and waving your arms like a crazy woman feels good, do it. If sprinting like a crazy woman up a hill feels good? Guess what. Do it. Listen to your own body and not the crap other people are spouting. To be honest, they’re the ones who need a good look in the mirror.


I’m not too keen to link back to the original article as I don’t want it getting more hits than it deserves, but I’ve put a screen shot below if you want to have a read of it with her updated edit.


So, there we go. I’m #teamclairedanes on this one and will continue to run the way I feel comfortable.  If you really want running advice I suggest you follow whatever Rhalou is doing as she seems to always have the best time running.



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