love for junk

I don’t know when I started to use the term ‘junk miles’ but after a few years of training for races I now judge my runs. What used to be my standard run route is now just junk miles. If it wasn’t a long run, hill training, intervals or a runcommute, it all fell into the junk miles bin.

It’s entirely my fault, I read more blogs than I run miles so all the tips to improve performance eventually sink in. “Don’t run junk miles!” “Junk miles hinder performance” “Running with music leads to junk miles” “Booooooo running!” (OK not that bad, but you get my point) I also like setting a goal for each run (and achieving it!) so as I got better at running my goals became more than just to get out the door.  I also have become somewhat of a social runner. I have a diary filled with running dates, club training sessions, and RUNches, there isn’t much room for more miles.

Last night, as I laced up my shoes for a pre-dinner run I set a goal to run junk miles. To go outside, turn on a good playlist, and run around the same route I used to run 3x a week because I was scared I’d come last in a 10k race.  It was a great time to be out running and with my favourite pop playlist on I was enjoying every junk step. It allowed me to listen to my legs who are still recovering from 5 tough races in 6 weeks and think about things other than running goals. Running became that lovely experience we’re always talking about on these blogs, but, I bet, rarely feel.

So, I’m bringing back junk miles. Like scrunchies they’re going to become fashionable again if I have anything to do with it.




12 thoughts on “love for junk

  1. Two Itchy Feet

    Amen sistuh! My last proper run was a junk-mile run and I loved every minute of it. Not every run has to have a (race-) purpose. It’s ok to just run for (wait for it) the pure enjoyment of it all (gasp)!!!!

  2. emma

    I’ve read about junk miles in RunnersWorld, but I suppose I haven’t really thought about my runs in terms of junk or not. I just like getting out their and having a good sweat.


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