Purition Super Shake – 6 day challenge

After I attended the lovely blogger’s social event held by Lunges & Lycra and Lorna back in August, I was approached by Purition to take part in a “blogger challenge” and replace my breakfast with one of their smoothies for 6 days.

Replace a meal? No way. I love breakfast (and often have it for dinner too) and am not interested in any sort of shake/juice/replacement fad. I’ve toned down my training since crazy-race-filled August & September, but still am active enough that I don’t want to be cutting out any fuel (read: PB & Nutella on toast kind of fuel).

As I was looking into Purition though I noticed it’s not your normal protein shake, but more of a way to get those extra good bits into your everyday normal diet.  They sell it best, so I’ll leave you to browse around their website & nutritional info.  I agreed to try it out for the week and post a blog about my experiences – so I was sent their coconut whole food super shake to try out and a few recipe cards to go wild with.

Day 1


I mixed up my normal Chobani smoothie (Strawberry chobani, frozen banana, chia seeds & flax seeds) then added the Purition to it. This was my biggest mistake of the week. It ended up way to thick and gloopy and was probably full of goodness but I could barely force it down.  Luckily I didn’t make this mistake again and things only went up from here.

Day 2


I was in a rush this morning, so mixed Purition with Vanilla yoghurt and a frozen banana and it was amazing. Back in Canada there used to be this drink mix you could buy in the produce section called BANANA STORM and this tasted just like it. The perfect blend of coconut & banana for a morning commute.

Day 3


Breakfast was at my desk this morning after an early morning Yoga class at Blue Cow Yoga.  I simply mixed Purition into my yoghurt pot and voila! It was delicious and a bit crunchy which I love.

Day 4


I kept it simple this morning and did a straight up milk & Purition blend (I ran out of frozen bananas!) It was delicious and the blending really helped make it a smoother (and more enjoyable) drink than just shaking it.

Day 5


Friday morning called for a little treat, so I added Nesquick to the milk & Purition blend and it was my best creation yet.  So delicious and tasted like a super-chocolate-milk shake. I’m sure you could find some less sugary chocolate mix, but I wasn’t fussed.

Day 6


Why mess with a good thing? Another chocolate-coconut-banana shake to end off a great week.

Overall I had a great week and really enjoyed the shakes. I’m not about to give up my cereal and oatmeal for an only-smoothie breakfast diet, but I like the option of having one every once in a while, especially when rushing off to an early morning class.  I’ll be buying a bag of Purition when my coconut super shake runs out, and this time might try the chocolate (double chocolate banana shakes anyone?)

Purition sent me a 500g bag of their Bodysculpt Coconut Super Shake to try for the Blogger 6 day challenge and asked that I blog honestly about the product.


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