canadian thanksgiving

I’ll take any excuse to eat a huge meal with friends and family, so it’s no surprise I spent the weekend at multiple Thanksgiving meals around London.

On Monday though I hosted a few London friends for a traditional “Canadia” Thanksgiving. There are a few limitations to hosting a large meal for 6 people in London. First, I don’t have a car, so it was 4 arm-breaking trips to the shops to get the necessary supplies to make the meal. Then, I had to do some serous project planning and ghant chart the preparations so I could use the small London flat kitchen and teeny stove efficiently.  I’m so thankful it came together and will be enjoying leftovers for days (the best part of hosting!)

Welcome cocktail: Canadian Whiskey Sour (was delicious and I hate whiskey)
Turkey (thighs & breast since I couldn’t source a full Turkey so early in the year here)
Stovetop Stuffing
Creamy Mash
Brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes
Balsamic Brussels Sprouts
Biscuits (mom’s recipe – soz)
Whiskey glazed carrots
Boat loads of gravy (made my own but also bought reinforcements from Whole Foods)

IMG_20131013_145023 IMG_20131014_190357 IMG_20131014_185355 PhotoGrid_1381851414634 IMG_20131014_191108 IMG_20131014_184617 IMG_20131014_185017


2 thoughts on “canadian thanksgiving

  1. Leah

    OMG you did the marshmellow thing on top of the yams!!! I had that at an American thanksgiving dinner when I was 20, and I have mentioned it to so many people since and they have all looked at me sideways and been like “what? your crazy, we don’t do that”…but THERE it is, in your photos. Evidence. It does exist!

    I love that you managed to put on such an amazing spread – what a huge effort! LOOKS DELICIOUS too!

    Happy Thanksgiving – I’m thankful for meeting you at Boutique Sport last year and having so many fun running & fitness adventures together since 🙂


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