Last month 11 of us went to Reykjavik to run the half marathon, and see the sights.  I ramble in blog post at the best of times so will let the following photos do the talking.  If you want more information about the race itself, keep an eye out for Cat’s race e-guides coming out soon.


Enjoying the Blue Lagoon shoulder massage post race.


Traditional meat soup. You must have a meat soup at every waterfall you visit.


Iceland is full of volcanos


My sister came over from Canada to run the half with us.


We ran into Santa Claus post race!


No time to rest our legs as there were waterfalls to be seen.


Race expo & map.


The only bad part of the whole event. The worst pasta party ever.


Not part of the marathon route, but going behind a waterfall was pretty cool.


The sun even came out for 5 minutes.


The best post-race trip ever. The Blue Lagoon


More waterfalls


Even better than meat soup is creamy bacon soup in a bread bowl. WITH Icelandic beer for lunch.

And what post would be complete without the world's WORST race photo?

And what post would be complete without the world’s WORST race photo?

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