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Product Test Post

You might remember I applied for an interview with a nutritionist in the Sure Compressed Improve Rooms a while back, well one of the organisers caught one of my tweets that led to my blog and after reading a few posts decided I should try out their extra-strength Sure Maximum Protection range, seeing as I’m constantly doing sweaty things around London.

Not one to take this as an insult I said, “sure! (product placement pun not intended) Send it over.” And have been using it for the past 3 weeks.   Sure Maximum Protection is one of those antiperspirants you put on at night and then it lasts through the next day (even with a shower).  I have put this to the test with multiple days filed with moving offices, hot yoga classes and long sweaty half-marathon training runs.  So did I smell?

Well yes and no. Overall I found I was sweating less sweat from my underarms and what I did sweat didn’t stink up my running shirts as much as before (they might last longer now!), but I still sweat enough to keep cool and not be uncomfortable.  I found that on days where I was extra active (+ 5,000 Nikefuel points for example) I did need to re-apply in the morning and couldn’t just trust the night application to carry me through 24 hours of crazy go-go-go’ing.

It took a few days to remember to put it on at night (not my normal routine) and the sample I’m using is the everyday fresh scent which I find a bit too much while lying in bed, so next time I’ll grab the unscented.  I’ve never thought of sweating as a bad thing (see my instagram account for sweaty-selfie evidence) and frankly think that a lot of people who give me a look when I get on the bus in gym gear smell worse than I do, AND they haven’t even exercised.

Until WordPress has a smell-plug in available you’ll have to take my word that I am enjoying the use of the Sure Maximum Protection antiperspirant and would recommend it to all of my running friends in the market for a new antiperspirant.

Sure sent me a sample to try and asked that I feature the product in a blog. 


1 thought on “I smell

  1. Leah

    I’ve been using this stuff since a friend who moved to Australia said it was the only thing that actually stopped her from dripping from her underarms all day long. BUT I never knew you were meant to apply it at night? I find that it lasts most of the day, but I do need to reapply after a lunchtime sweat session/shower if I have one. Probably more for my own peace of mind rather than anything!


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