duathlon deadline

In the next 10 days I am:

  • Running a 10k (hopefully under 50 minutes)
  • Running a half marathon through a vineyard and tasting 7 varieties of wine en route
  • Running and cycling and running my first classic distance Duathlon

As I sit here writing this my legs are screaming from a busy week of lunchtime bootcamps (I kinda took the summer off and the return to burpees has not been smooth), punishing sprints at my first Cyclebeat class, and an insane fitness treasure hut around London put on by Fitness Playground.  Doing everything BUT running and road cycling this week has woken up  new muscles that are hopefully going to help me in the next busy 10 days.

I’m a little bit scared of the Duathlon because it’s so unknown and while I enjoy cycling, I haven’t really competed in any events yet so I’m unsure of a lot of things. Mainly, what on earth am I going to do with my hair and outfits.


When I run I like my giant mane of hair pulled into a ballerina bun out of my face with no bounce.  I have a massive head though, and to wear a helmet I have to put my hair in a low bun of some sort.  Not wanting to increase my (already woeful) transition times I shouldn’t be fussing with my hair so I’m going to try out some sort of plait. Hopefully Pinterest can help me out with this.


For gear, I’m not going the trisuit route.  I was traumatized trying one on at Decathlon earlier this week and might wait a while to approach this again. However, I did buy some bike style running shorts to wear and a padded seat for my bike. I figure this external-chamoise solves the problem of having to run 15k in padded shorts (ow. chafe much?).


The Crewroom sent me over some lovely gear to wear too with a dryfit top in a really normal dark red colour (set apart from my mostly neon wardrobe) and a running hat. I love the hat as it’s the perfect shape (not really a baseball cap – but sits higher on the head and has loads of mesh panels). I wore a hat to run in before, but during a rainy training run I found it so much nicer to have the rain off my face.  My husband also borrowed it to wear during the Reykjavik half marathon and clearly styled it out well at the end of the race (I’m sure you don’t mind if I put in our weirdest race photo ever AGAIN). If it’s super hot on the Duathlon day (or rainy) I’ll defo be rocking this hat on the run portions.

Alex’s classic race pose and me, well, reacting to it.


3 thoughts on “duathlon deadline

  1. Sarah

    I wear my hair in two french plaits down the sides of my head then in a low bun at the back ALL the time. For vanity’s sake, you might want to cross the hair under rather than over as you plait, so the bits of hair going into the plait don’t make your head look a really odd shape (if you get me)- trust me on this one! I have shedloads of hair too and it’s a good way to control it 🙂 good luck for all these events! C-raaazy lady.

  2. Leah

    So glad I don’t have to do the helmet thing, I do not know what I would do as I find plaits give me a headache. Good luck, I’ll be cheering for ya from somewhere on the sideline (or…quite possibly…somewhere still on the damn course!)


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