go on, get faster

with 5 races and a duathlon this fall I need to keep training and keep it interesting.  I grabbed a copy of Women’s Running UK in the goody bag at the Runner’s Need Women’s Exclusive night and found the perfect plan to add to my training plan.


I’m training for a few half marathons and 10ks so I will keep my long runs in on Sundays and #RUNch easy runs on Wednesdays. But I know I need to push myself and without the awesome advanced ladies group on WOTN Niketown training Monday nights, I’ll have to push myself.

Women’s Running suggested adding a threshold run each week to your training plan to up your speed and push yourself – so here is what I’m adding:

  1. 6 x 5 min with 90 sec of recovery. 1-3 at threshold & 4-6 at 10k pace
  2. 8-10 x 800m with 90 sec recovery. Run 1,3,5,7,9 at threshold and 2,4,6,8,10 and 10k pace
  3. 4-5 1 mile at target 10k pace with 90 sec recovery
  4. 60 minute fartlek run. Include blocks of 6,5,4,3,2,1 of increasing speed. 90 sec recovery in between.
  5. 10 min at threshold, 5-6 x 800m with 1-3 at 10k pace and 4-6 at 5k pace. 90 sec jog. 3 min jog and 10 min at threshold pace
  6. 8 x 1k at 10k pace with 90 sec recovery between.
  7. 5k at 10k pace with 7 min recovery. 5 x 2 min at 5k pace with 2 min recovery.
  8. 2k at threshold with 3 min recovery. 4 x 1k at 10k pace off 90 sec recovery. 5 x 400 at 5k pace off 60/45/30/15 sec recovery
  9. 6 min at threhold with 3 min recovery. 2 sets of 8 x 400m off 60 sec jog recovery. 4 min recovery between sets. 1 at 10k pace, 2 at 5k pace
  10. 5 min at threshold with 3 min recovery.  2 sets of 5 x 400m off 60 sec reovery. 1 at 5k pace and 2 at quicker

What I really like about this is you set your own pace but it’s long/hard enough to push you to maintain the pace (a key skill).

My only problem is the whole math part. The  track nearest me is a 300m track so the 400/800s are going to be tricky. I am also the runner who turns her GPS watch on once she leaves the house and then turns it off when she comes in, no stopping at lights either (hence why I thought my first half marathon would be about a 2:30 and I came in at 2:02 – forgot there are no stop lights in races!).  I’m going to have to learn to pay attention to my watch and count the laps myself.

I’ve scheduled these for Thursday nights, if anyone wants to join in let me know!


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