heart happy macaroons

Sundays without running are worse for my waistline than you’d think.

I bake. A lot.

Today I made cinnamon scones for breakfast. Then did some Sunday errands, made up some hummus to eat with lunch, then got bored again. As I was browsing the latest Runner’s World UK magazine I saw a recipe for healthy macaroons. I make at least 1 recipe from the magazine a month. (Their salmon & sweet potato coconut curry is my go-to dinner now).


Happy Heart Macaroons

170g desiccated coconut
2 egg whites
50g pecans
50g sunflower seeds
25g dried apricots

Buzz it all together in a food processor, shape into 15 balls, place on a baking paper lined tray, and bake for 15 minutes (mine were done at 12) at 180*C.


SO easy. They’re delicious and a great grab-and-go sweet snack. But, I was taking them over to a friend’s for dinner so I tweeked the recipe a bit…


Extra chocolate. Surprised Runner’s World forgot to add that. Choclate makes my heart happy.


8 thoughts on “heart happy macaroons

  1. Leah

    YUM, these look delicious. I have all the ingredients already in my cupboards, and they are Whole 30 compliant… all I need is a food processor! Going to try these asap!

  2. Sarah

    I discovered them as well in the runner’s world. Love your version with the chocolate and that’s why I added chocolate to mine as well.

  3. Sarah

    I read the recipe in Runners’ World and wondered if they’d be nice- and now I know the answer! Going to add them to my ‘to bake’ list of running fuel.


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