write this run

Write This Run is a cool new venture bringing together runners, bloggers, running bloggers, and blogging runners in London at the end of May.

So, what does running and blogging mean to me? I thought I’d let the words on my blog speak for themselves.

"Great & Champagne" Well written blog Laura....

  1. Race – Entering races for me is about challenging myself and having a good time amongst thousands of like-minded people in lycra.
  2. People – Running is nothing without other people to do it with.  While I do most of my training runs alone I love a weekly running group.
  3. Pretty & Great – I’m pretty sure that my great vocabulary has a lot to do with these two words.
  4. Alex & Champagne & Canadian – What’s most important in my lifelauralondon.
  5. Photos & Blog – Until I attend the Write this Run event, I’m better at blogging photos than words!

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