saturday morning snowy workout

My friend Leah emailed me back in December asking if I wanted a personal training session in the park.  She knew I liked all things exercise, outdoors and free, so invited me along to try an hour session with her at Primrose Hill early one Saturday morning.

Of course, being predictably unpredictable in it’s weather, London was under a blanket of snow as I crawled out of bed at 7:30am last Saturday. Being an intro session we set out to do some basic circuit training.

I told the trainer that while I didn’t go out the night before (I’m an old lady) I did have a lot of pizza and wine at home.  He made it clear that his philosophy on the whole working-out thing was to incorporate it into your lifestyle as something sustainable.  To many bootcamps and certain 60 day programs take over your whole life and yes, you’ll see results, but they’re not sustainable.  I’m never going to give up pizza and wine so any exercises needs to work with that vice!

Snowy Saturday workout crew.

Snowy Saturday workout crew.

So while families were sledding down Primrose hill (including David Beckham, no big deal) we were doing lunges, squats, kettle bells and planks in the snow.  Leah and I had a few seconds to catch up on gossip, but the trainer always seemed to find another way to get us out of breath.  All in all it was a great way to stay warm and felt pretty good to be done our workout by 10am on a day most people were sleeping in on a snowday. 


3 thoughts on “saturday morning snowy workout

  1. Amanda Tiffany Foley

    Isn’t the internet funny? Two of my twitter friends, neither who I’ve actually met, are real life friends, and we’ve all lived in Vancouver. The world is so tiny!

    P.S. you girls kick ass! I need to get fit!

  2. Leah

    Hahaha I love twitter friends! It definitely makes the world smaller 🙂

    It was great fun training with you Laura – thanks for coming out on Sat in the snow!!


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