commuter challenge

My love of pies and pints is no secret, but with an upcoming wedding I’m not sure I want to see those pies reflected in my wedding photos.  After spending a few weeks helping Alex carbo-load for the London Marathon, I have decided it’s about time to work on a somewhat more healthy lifestyle. Thus the Commuter Challenge was born!


Back in University my friend Erin saved enough money biking to school instead of taking the bus to buy a seasons pass to Whistler! With that in mind I’ve set the challenge of running home from work as much as possible. I would try to run to work – but the shower facilities in our office are abysmal, and I would not want to put my co-workers through my “au natural” for 8 hours. 

Running home from work is 5.3km and takes less time than taking the bus. So I’m saving time/money and losing pounds. Not a bad trade off? The only hard part has been the getting used to running everyday.  While training for the Brighton half and spring 10k races I strictly ran every other day and let my muscles rest and repair.  

On day 3 of the Commuter Challenge my legs feel like tree trunks and it’s hard to put on a smile when running past Hummingbird Bakery for the third time without stopping.

Lately I’ve been thinking how far the 1.35 saved will go in Croatia while we’re there in May. According to that will get me a pint of lager while sitting on the beaches of Hvar. Perfect motivation.


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