diamond jubilee – on CBC

The Royal Wedding, the Diamond Jubilee, London 2012… I made a pretty good choice of when to move to the UK.  The Royal Wedding was obviously the best, but do not put it past the Queen to up her game for the upcoming JUBILEE! I love Kate, but nothing compares to pictures,videos and stories of Queen Elizabeth growing up and the absolute amazing control and confidence she has in her role and abilities.

Some of the most respected women I know throw around the word ‘capable’, as in being capable is the most important thing young women can learn. Capable gets you knowledge, capable gets you respect, capable gets you places. It’s the opposite of the American Idol & reality show idea of fame. The Queen has proven time and time again to be capable. Agree or not with the monarchy and all that comes along with it, the Queen is a capable woman. 

Everyone in Canada you NEED to watch this 3 part series the BBC did on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. From the inside look on how the Queen reads the news every day to how she confirms every place setting at state dinners, this documentary is fascinating. 


Full episodes are even cbc.ca if you miss it on the weekend! WATCH IT! 


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