Around our flat we talk about pies a lot. #carbcity.  

You may remember when I tweeted this photo back in April

When I found out that my favourite Pie company has a new cookbook – I was all over it like gravy on a pie.  

So being almost autumn, I decided to cook the Spring Chicken pot pie.  

Cooking a pie isn’t the most photogenic, so until I can tumblr smells, you’ll have to excuse the lumpy chicken and cream sauce photos.

Your normal chicken pot pie suspects, Chicken, carrots, thyme, stock, onions (which you can clearly see since I did not forget to buy them at the store and then get to lazy to go back and get them)

Add the double cream, purple broccoli and voila #whatfoodreallylookslike

Pyrex works great for photography (but if anyone wants to buy me this my future pies (and thighs) will thank you)

Then Alex took his serving (1/2 the pie) and we proceeded to eat most of the 6 servings ourselves.  A Sunday reward.

The Pieminister cookbook is amazing and if this was a real cooking blog I’d give it 5* as it’s got very accessible recipes (like above) and some great game pies for those more adventurous.  The “Love Bunny” pie is calling my name!


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