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my Michelin starred running menu

Eating is an art. Especially when you’re a runner. There is nothing better than satisfying your RUNger after a long run or a big mileage week.

With that in mind I’ve decided it’s time to introduce Fine Running Dining in the hopes of becoming the first Michelin starred running chef.

Along with providing foam rollers & yoga mats as tables, so far all we have is a menu.  Here’s the popular tasting menu – obviously there will be about 50 courses a la Heston, so please contribute your ideas in the comments below:

Peanut butter confit

Poached eggs in a ketchup dressing

Braised sweet potato croquettes

Quinoa 3 ways

Cheeseboard including ALL the cheeses

Anything Jess Kok decides to whip up

Haribo pearls on a cream fraiche sorbet

Cliff bars with a cliff shot infusion

Matching chocolate milks available



Jess – menu designer

Lorna – front of house and lycra uniform designer

Veggie Runners – Northern expansion team

Sarah – professional taster of all menu items and furniture designer

And of course – everyone has to run home after their meal.