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a rose by any other name

I have a few dozen resumes sitting in my “London CV” desktop folder.  Having such a “diverse” work experience history – I’ve found I can highlight different tasks in each position I’ve had to better match the jobs I’m looking for here in London.

Today I’ve spent most of the morning writing an administrative/PA resume and surprise surprise – I’ve got all the experience an entry level job requires.  A good way to structure your CV is to look up the job description on a website like Prospectus in the UK or the National Occupational Classification in Canada.  Take the activities they list and see if they match any of your work experiences within a position.  I’ve found that listing your experiences in simple point form under the title of the position works best.  And keep the activities as “action oriented” as possible.

ie. organising and maintaining diaries and making appointments becomes organised travel arrangements and maintained diaries for 3 executives.

With a few of these adjustments your rose CV will smell even sweeter!