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my allotment

The buzz in London at the moment is about allotments.  How big is your allotment? Did you work on your allotment this weekend? Does your allotment get a lot of sun? How do you keep the foxes out of your allotment?

I’m not lucky enough to have an allotment in the local community garden, but I have found a few small areas around our terrace-less flat to grow things.

My mini allotment has Chives, (almost) Basil, a Chilli Pepper forest, Spring Onions and French Lettuce.  All were grown from seeds purchased at John Lewis (5 for 4 sale!) and with no special gardening things.  I was already annoyed to have to BUY DIRT, so purchasing sieve stones, miracle grow, etc. No thanks.  I like my allotments non-fussy and easy to maintain.


FYI: The amazing “Reclaimed Pacific Driftwood Plant Markers” were handmade in Victoria by local gardening enthusiast Julia Balakshin!

Beyond growing things to put on Jacket Potatoes, I’m also trying to grow some flowers in our front window, which as you can see gets a bit of sun 🙂

No flowers yet.