kit review: Skins cycling bib shorts

*Edit! Guys the bib shorts are on sale now for £62.50! That’s a steal*

A few months ago Skins got in touch to ask if they could send me a piece of their kit. I’ve been a fan of Skins since buying their RY recovery tights for my first marathon (I think of the most important parts of the training plans first) 3 years ago. I’m not convinced on the science of compression kit, but damn it feels good to have a leg-hug after a long day.


I noticed Skins make cycling kit now, and asked if I could try their women’s bib shorts for my commutes and training for Ride London 46. They said yes and sent them over that week agreeing to let me try them out for a few months before reviewing them. I had never worn bib shorts before for a few reasons, mostly because I hate carrying multiple outfits. On a normal day I cycle to work, either run or do a skip fit/yoga class at lunch, then after work maybe go to track to coach Serpentine Runners, or while the long summer nights are here go swimming at the reservoir. Oh yeah, and I have to remember clothes to work in too. Most days I wear a hybrid of kit that can do most of these activities and bib shorts are not the most flexible of pieces. Even when coaching track, I often do a lap or two of warm up with the runners and no one likes bike short chammy laps. No one.


Embarrassing window selfie just to show the bib shorts length.

But, all my cycling friends swear by bibs and after one too many “ugh these tops are too short for my tall body” moments I figured why not try the body sausage-fit of a bib short.

Ok, enough about my kit hangups. The Skins bib shorts looked great out of the box with a giant green chamois, long legs, and nice thick (about 3″) rubber cuffs to avoid riding up. When I put them on they fit great which is never guaranteed when a piece of kit has shoulder straps & a crotch (us tall people know the true meaning of wedgie). The top of the bib was soft breathable but still provided enough coverage to wear solo with a sports bra around the house but probably not in public (but that’s just because of the velominati).

On the bike they are perfect. Finding bib shorts or a chamois that works is different for everyone and every bike, so I’m not sure how valuable this recommendation will be for most people, but damn, my undercarriage is so much happier on my daily commutes. I notice it when I have a mutli-use uniform day and don’t wear the bib shorts. The compresion-ness of them makes the inevitable sausage leg less than other bike shorts I’ve tried and in general keeps everything in that nice compression-hug I love so much.

Bib shorts in action!

Bib shorts in action!

So, all in all I give these a 10/10 as a reviewer who got them for free. I don’t see myself cycling enough to wear them out and need to buy a new pair, but if that does happen I would buy them with my own money. I always feel weird giving a review of kit I get for free since, duh, it was free so if it works I like it. Bike kit can get expensive and like I said above most people don’t need specialised kit like bib shorts, but if you are a woman and do, try these!

Me, with inevitable sausage-leg eating a cheeseburger post-Ride London 46. Best kit photo ever?

Me, with inevitable sausage-leg and helmet hair eating a cheeseburger post-Ride London 46. Best kit photo ever?


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