Times Colonist 10k

This blog post was more painful to write than most marathon blogs because my shoulders hurt so much. While visiting family and friends on the West Coast I ran the Times Colonist 10k with my friend Julia, her husband and daughter Paige. We each took turns pushing the running stroller and even though I only ran with it for a few KM I pulled something in my shoulder and it hurt for almost a week.


When we book a trip back to Vancouver to visit our families the first thing I do is check the local race calendar.  This year we went back during the Vancouver marathon weekend, but being a (surprisingly) sensible person I didn’t sign up for it since we were at a wedding the night before.


I did see the Times Colonist 10k on the race schedule so messaged Julia, got a spot on her corporate team and got her planning our post race eats. The TC10k is the largest 10k event on Vancouver Island and attracts a lot of people to try their first race, get active and walk a 10k, or is their annual reminder to keep moving!


The race starts in front of the BC Legislature and right on the waterfront. Being buggy runners we were seeded in the 1:40 pace pen, but that was all the way at the back and trying to get a buggy through thousands of people isn’t ideal. We waited on the sides for a break and then snuck in just before the start.


We ran/walked the course all together and even had time to stop for cupcakes just before halfway! The wind was pretty cold during the last half along the coast, but it was so beautiful and I was enjoying every step even pushing the extra weight!


After the race we were given a buffet of chocolate milk and cookies from Thrifty Foods, and I did my best to fill my pockets. Paige slept through the finish, a long 10k for her too!


After the race we had a quick nap and then headed out to Tacofino for the best tacos I’ve had in years. One steak and one fish, I couldn’t decide.



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