smelly at work

I thought about getting one of my co-workers to write this but safe to say British culture doesn’t allow me to ask a coworker to write a blog about how much I smell at work.


I run to work, run at lunch, run home from work, do pilates at lunch, go to the gym at lunch, and sometimes walk to the really far restaurant for good burritos at lunch. Safe to say I sweat in the clothing that I wear and is scattered around my desk.

I’ve written about the amount of companies who seem to know this and want to send me nice smelling things to try. And I thank them for that. Scholls recently sent some products over and included in the foot balms & soaks for dry skin on feet was the deodorant spray for shoes.

A month ago in a pre-marathon fit of organisation I cleaned up my desk and put everything nicely into a desk drawer.


A month later we are back to this.


I sit in a pretty busy area of the office (right near the teapoint) and can only figure people don’t want sweaty shoe smell with their teas so have been using the Scholls spray on these shoes and ta-da no complaints! Not that any British person would ever tell me if I smelled. Only their quiet glances and tuts would clue me in on that.

The spray is handy to have and does the trick if you are worried about the smell of your trainers under your desk. I probably will not buy it again though as it’s a “nice to have” and not an essential. The foot lotion I used after spectating the Berlin Marathon (tough gig) and that was also really nice but again, not something I absolutely need in my running life.


9 thoughts on “smelly at work

  1. tessietickle

    haha you should see the state of my desk, I (thankfully) sit by a wall and have one of the biggest desks in the office so am able to stow away various kit, trainers (somehow have 2 pairs there plus my current run ones if I wear them in), work shoes, slippers (gotta have office slippers), bike covers, vitamins, matcha tea, running magazines, you name it, I’ve hoarded it.

    I also get complaints about being smelly, but that’s my boiled egg and oily fish habit…

  2. Nikki

    Haha! Love this!

    I consider myself lucky as I work with all runners. In a basement. With no windows.

    I’m fairly sure that it stinks to high heaven however I have long become immune to it, much like when you first go into the monkey house at the zoo and reel at the smell, but by the time you leave you don’t really notice any more.

    Needless to say, meetings are never held in our actual office…

  3. runlassrun

    I have a similar set up at my work, only wished I had a bigger desk! I might try the spray before my colleagues start to complain.


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