kings cross pond club

This morning I met up with Laura at 7:30am to swim in the middle of a Kings Cross construction site. We finally got a chance to try out the Kings Cross Pond Club!


There are large changing rooms and the staff set you up with a padlock for the lockers, and lots of outdoor showers to get you “acclimatized” to the water temperature.


There’s a little shallow ledge for families (and those who want to test their toes in the water) but to get in you have to just go for it. Laura & I eased ourselves in with the ladder, until someone wanted to get out, and then it was sink or swim time.

IMG_20150617_073838 (1)

The water was 17* so not that bad at all and  comfortable once you got swimming around. The atmosphere was lovely in the pool, with about 30 people in/around it didn’t feel too busy. There were a few people doing laps but most were moseying around and enjoying the morning sun. Everyone was talking to each other and it had a really nice social feel that is sometimes missing in other lidos.


We had to get to work (via a hot cup of coffee) but there was loads of space in the sun on the grass to lie out and enjoy the sun.


There is lots of bike parking outside the pool and I’m told that Caravan is nearby for your post-swim hunger needs. All that is missing is a kiosk selling KXPC swim caps. I’d totally have bought one.

Totally recommend getting yourself a ticket before they sell out.  Prices depend on when you want to attend, and I can totally recommend the early morning! Numbers are capped so if it’s a warm day you’ll defo have to pre-book.


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