Blogging butterfly

My friend Simon calls me a blogging butterfly and always wants to know what random event I’ve been to in the past week. I don’t think he’ll even be able to process that I recently went to a breakfast and on historical tour of Soho thanks to a new Icelandic super yoghurt product.

A month ago I was invited to the launch of Arla Skyr yoghurt, I said yes right away because it was a free breakfast during my taper/carb week of London Marathon training. Plus, I love Iceland, ran one of my favourite half marathons there a few years ago, and while I was there never had the chance to try their apparently super yoghurt.

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

We met at the Ham Yard Hotel, which was fancier than I expected when I showed up in my sweaty bike kit, and met up with the friendly PR and bloggers ready for breakfast.  The morning started with an introduction by a Nutritionist as to how important breakfast is.  I can’t say this was directed at me, and I was shocked at how many women in the room still don’t eat breakfast. I found the Nutrition talk a bit too ‘eat protein filled yoghurt to stay full and not snack and then loose weight’ (what I took from the talk not what she actually said word-for-word) so didn’t think it directed at me.

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

We were finally released to the breakfast table, but had to wait a few minutes while everyone else got out their fancy cameras to take fancy photos of the food (see their blogs as I clearly was focused on the food). It was a great breakfast with hot stuffed croissants, salmon bagels, and fruit. They had yoghurt granola parfaits too made with the Skyr yoghurt and they were also delicious.  I’ll never complain about free food though assume any biases you wish.


After breakfast we headed out on a tour of Soho with the absolutely fabulous tour guide Peter Berthoud.  I cannot recommend him enough if you want to arrange a tour of the Soho area of London. I’ve already enquired about booking a tour when my Parents are here in June. He had a ton of very interesting facts about the area and not just your normal boring tour facts.


We left the event with our own supply of Skyr yoghurt and as I went straight to work I left it in the work fridge for my colleagues to try. It was gone in less than a week! Everyone loved it with their morning granola and muslei which I think is a better review than any old blogger will give you.

Arla Skyr Yoghurt invited me to the breakfast & tour in return for writing up my thoughts in a blog post. I ate at least 3 croissants & 2 bagels plus a few cups of coffee and delicious fresh mango. I’m never patient enough to peel mangos so will always take advantage of that!


3 thoughts on “Blogging butterfly

  1. Laura's Mom

    Excellent, a tour of Soho – looking forward to June in England with out favourite blogger!

  2. rhona @

    Nice write up! I rarely enjoy reading about these blogger launch events but you made me laugh – especially with the picture of the picture taking! I don’t think I could keep a straight face if I attended an event where you weren’t allowed to eat the food until all blog photography was complete!


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