waffle disaster

A few months ago Myprotein sent me over some samples of their products to try. I chose a bag of their pancake mix and some recovery hot chocolate because… well… let’s be honest I’m not going to be voluntarily adding ‘waxy maize starch‘ to my diet any time soon.

The recovery hot chocolate (mocha) was great. I was in the middle of my marathon training through February and coming home after wet or cold runs in the dark it was nice to look forward to a warm drink. I try to get protein in after my longer runs as I’ve heard it helps recovery, but in reality I’m all about ease and if it’s easy to eat or drink I’ll grab it.  One night I added the powder to some hot almond milk and that as a winner in terms of taste.


I had also just bought a waffle maker (waffles are far superior to pancakes IMO) and decided to try the pancake mix in it. Big mistake. It’s a very watery mixture and just did not work at all.


My next attempt involved adding the mixture to my Mom’s already tried/tested/true pancake & waffle recipe. I figured since it was so sweet I’d just cut down on the sugar and add a bit more milk if needed. Worked a charm and the waffles were delish. Not sure how protein-healthy they were with the additions, but still tasty and good enough for me.


Myprotein sent me these products for free to review. They do not encourage you to freestyle and try their products out in waffle makers.


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