This blog post is a bit of hommage to one of my fav blogs My Tights Wont Stay Up and a bit of a rant about one of the most annoying things in my life. Tights.


When I run commute to work I always take off my black leggings, put on black tights, and wonder why. Why don’t running companies make double duty leggings that you can wear under a dress. Why don’t tight companies make double duty tights that you can wear running?

Spanx tights work a lot like compression gear, on the waist & hips, but what about our poor running legs? My quads & calves would like some of that compression too. I see no reason why tights can’t be made into 100% compression wear. I’ve worn my Skins recovery leggings under a a few work outfits, but why double pack? There is a simple solution for this too.

I dare say it, but if men wore tights as much as we did, there would be many more offerings.  Tights you can run in and work in, tights that are made with compression weave for recovery, even tights that at a basic level do their job and stay up all day. Women who are at the executive level of running companies! Listen up! Please make this your pet project to develop run/work/run wear!


13 thoughts on “tights

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      There are loads of awesome materials out there that don’t stink. Lululemon make amazing silverescence kit that smells like roses even after a few sessions. It’s possible! I refuse to believe that “stink” is the one thing standing in manufacturers way.

      1. adarling575

        Haha i’m not sure i agree… Everyone goes on about the magical “wicking” properties of merino wool and how it never smells but one cycle into work and i don’t think anybody would come near me if i wore it all day!

      2. lauraestewart Post author

        I would not include merino wool in the no-smell category! Wicking means that it pulls the moisture from your body, not anything about smelling. The no-smell fabrics aren’t natural fibres either, always synthetics. Tights are synthetic materials already so it’s not a huge stretch to think that the technology in fabric is there – just need the will to develop & test something.

      3. adarling575

        Oh interesting! Merino wool had always been sold to me as great as you can keep wearing it for several days as it doesn’t smell. Good news i’m not just extremely smelly 🙂

  1. aglossythought

    Completely agree with you! The Tudors were real men for wearing tights. I’m all for spreading the double duty movement- would safe so much faffing in between. There’s got to be a happy medium to sort both purposes out there!

  2. runningprincess78

    It’s like you read my mind! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how great it would be if the tights I wore to work the day after my long run were compression tights. Makes perfect sense to me!

  3. goldilocksrunning

    Hit the nail on the head again there Laura- these so need to be a thing! I’d pay strong money for tights that have compressive properties!


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