underground cookery school with quorn

Guess who’s back.
Back again.
Quorn is back (on this blog)
Tell your friends.

That’s right the Quorn brand invited me to another event last week where we got to take an Underground Cookery School class and then enjoy the spoils of our labour after. It’s not often I say no to free food, and the Quorn brand is an interesting one (more on that later) so I was happy to attend.

I showed up to yummy appetizers (veggie tempura & arancini!) and lots of bubbles to drink as we got to know the other people at the class. I was the only running blogger there so instead of talking about our next races and current injuries we actually spoke about “real” stuff like politics & religion.


We were quickly put in aprons and taught how to make pasta. It was dead easy and really fun to use the pasta making machine thing to produce fresh tagliatelle.

IMG_20140716_185416 IMG_20140716_191450

Being a true professional I never let a drink leave my hand and presented my fresh pasta to the official drying rack for cooking later.

IMG_20140716_191515 IMG_20140716_191553

After making the pasta we went over to the stove to blend up some ragu sauce and start our chicken curry paste. I know everyone says this but it is really so easy and simple to make fresh and delicious food. The chefs at the cooking school used the normal recipes and then just added the relevant Quorn pieces after. As you can see from the blurry photo below, the result was pretty good and especially with the bolognese, you couldn’t tell it wasn’t beef mince.


For pudding we made up an amazing Strawberry roulade. Not one to let food (sugar) go to waste, with the leftover meringue I made a charming little soufflé.

IMG_20140716_195208 IMG_20140716_200217

Again, being the only running blogger I cleared each course (there was a chicken curry course too but my phone died) and licked the plate before the food bloggers even finished photographing each damn angle. Being a Quorn sponsored event they did go through the spiel about why it’s so good. I’m not a vegetarian or watching my weight so none of the claims they made really  mattered to me. What does matter is taste & convenience and Quorn hits on both of these. I may not be adding it to my weekly shop, but a pack or two in the freezer would not go amiss on those nights I get home from a run starving.


1 thought on “underground cookery school with quorn

  1. A Magpie in the Sky

    I find quorn really handy because you don’t need to defrost it, whenever the bolognaise or chilli con carne craving hits you can get straight on with it! No browning meat.Just fry onion, tinned toms in, quorn in then start adding flavours. Easy peasy!


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