marathon training lesson #1

I laughed when people tried to tell me marathon training was going to be different. Surely 3 years of running fairly long distances would set me up quite well for these 12 weeks. I knew the high teens and low 20 miler runs were going to be tough, but didn’t think much else would change.

I’ve just finished my first official week of marathon training and can tell you the marathon gods have already taught me their first lesson.



I set out on my seemingly short 8 mile long run (I’m still building back up from injury) in the midday heat. This week I put more importance on sleeping in and getting some good recovery rather than setting out early. I grabbed a different-than-usual pair of short shorts to mix things up a bit, and set off.  I was going along my favourite trail and at about 3 miles that familiar feeling. *rub rub rub rub rub rub ow!*


I’ve never experienced chafe before, but the shorter than normal shorts conspired with the heat, my sweat, and larger than normal QUADS due to the aforementioned injury time for the perfect chafe zone.  I will not step out on a long run anymore without a layer of vaseline and will probably put the (so cute) pink lululemon yoga short shorts back in the drawer for yoga only.


Other than the chafe, the run went really well. The blackberries are almost ready along my running trail so that’s my nutrition sorted for August long runs. I also did a few laps around Finsbury Park where the Routemaster 60th anniversary festival was taking place and there were a lot of buses doing laps of the park with me. I raced a few up the hills for my tempo segments and felt pretty good for beating a 60 year old.


I jumped in an ice bath as soon as I got home (more for bringing down my body temperature than anything else) and enjoyed a little treat to celebrate my first week of marathon training (and to numb the chafe pain)



8 thoughts on “marathon training lesson #1

  1. secret_marathon_runner

    Oh, your post has really made me miss marathon training! I could never have survived without a never ending supply of Bodyglide…
    One thing I did notice on my longer runs was that I couldn’t carry my phone in a run-of-the-mill arm pocket. As the strap came loose the velcro took two big chunks out of my arm and it hurt like heck! If you do carry your phone with you, consider something nice and soft like a Y-fumble!
    Good luck with your training – look forward to getting all the updates!

  2. Rhona @ redwinerunner

    Compression shorts under loose shorts instead of pants for summer time, always! Or just ditch the loose shorts and work the tight short-shorts. I learned that after the first time I did a 20+ mile run in the rain and ended up bleeding.
    How do you drink prosecco with a straw? I always find the bubbles mess up the passage of wine to the mouth…

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      I have a long tight pair I find myself wearing more and more. I think I’ll be a full convert soon too!

      Haha. Yeah the straw wasn’t ideal but I needed an easy system for while ice bathing. After I poured it into a glass. All proper and shit!

  3. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    Prosecco in the ice bath…Win. I had never chafed in like 4 years of running before I did an ultra in May, and it rained for 31/36 miles on the day, wet shorts leading to major chafe issues and it was so painful!

  4. Sarah

    I hear ya on the chafe issue, why do our shorts hate us so? I’ve run a marathon in mine, yet the other day, lo and behold, chafe central after 10 miles. Boo!
    Loving the prosecco in the bath though, top idea.


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