Advertisement: BT Infinity – Guess the Prize

*This is a sponsored post. I have been paid to write and promote the following*


To celebrate the BT Big Broadband Sale offering BT Infinity for only £7.50, BT will create the world’s first game show live on Twitter. (If you follow me on twitter you’ll know how much I like a contest!)  Tomorrow they’ll be giving away amazing prizes every hour, starting at 12pm with a live contest round lasting just 7 minutes and 50 seconds.

To win one of the contests you will have to spot the prize worth £7.50 and tweet in your answer for the chance to win the entire prize bundle. To enter successfully make sure to identify the item and include #GuessThePrize @BT_UK.

If you miss out on the hourly contests, do not worry! There will be an additional prize draw open until 9pm for those who missed out during the day.

For more information, visit BT Infinity and make sure to follow @BT_UK


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