yoga binge

I’m not sure when it became November and half my Facebook timeline started posting reviews of their 2013 goals, but I missed the memo that there are less than 6 weeks left in the year and I have more than a pre-booked fitness classes to use before then.

See, Summer Laura happily bought 10 classes at Goodvibes Fitness, 20 x-press reformer pilates classes at Tempo Pilates, 10 KeepFit bootcamp lunchtime classes, a hula-hoop class, and a 30 day trial at Cyclebeat thinking that Winter Laura would be tired of running and want some warm indoor classes to keep her busy. Turns out Winter Laura is a lot lazier than Summer Laura and really likes sitting on the couch with 2-for-1 Ben & Jerrys.

As much as Winter Laura loves ice cream, she also cannot stand to waste opportunities, so armed with her agenda she finally set off to book in all the classes and get moving again.  I’ve been a regular at Goodvibes Fitness the past few weeks booking into a yoga, Pilates or Powerplate class almost every day.  I forgot how hard mat Pilates is and spent almost the whole hour re-learning how to sit up straight.

I’ve tried out some yin & yang yoga and successfully fell asleep in each class I attended.  At a Bliss yoga class I even fell asleep twice. That’s successful yoga practice right there.

I have tried powerplates before and am not its biggest fan, but figured everything is worth a second try, and found myself in Richard’s Powerplates Ballet class trying to act like a graceful ballerina while balancing on a vibrating plate. Not easy and the 30 minute class was pure burn. Think Barrecore + powerplates + a room of mirrors so you can’t even slouch for a minute.


Last week I found myself way out of my comfort zone and booked into a Hula Hoop class in Shoreditch.  I have always been balls at hula, but Marawa the Amazing gave us some great hoops and instructions and we were all pros in no time. Let’s grab some sequined hotpants and join the circus!

After a packed weekend of Write this Run-ing and a 60k VeloVixen Club ride it will be right back into the Tempo Pilates x-press classes which should help sweat out the mulled wine that has already creeped into my weekends.


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