the good, the bad, and the pizza

On Saturday the sun was out and I was ready to get outside and on with my weekend.


I jumped on my bike (in my newest Sports Pursuit Pearl Izumi purchase – it’s my current fav piece of sports gear) and cycled to Regent’s Park for NTC Train 2 Run class.  We were joined by some Nike pacers and run club leaders so the class was that much harder.  Crunches, sprints and burpess. Ow.

From there I had to rush down to Holborn to attend a Fix It class with Evan’s cycles.  I had booked and pre-paid a few weeks ago for this class to learn the basics of fixing my bike (after one too many mornings of cycling over broken glass in Camden I figured I should be able to fix a puncture).  I showed up at the store right at 12 and none of the staff knew anything about the class.  Not only that, but, the staff wasn’t willing to help me unless I could provide my email confirmation booking number.  They had no way (or so they said) of checking if I had booked the class on their system. Once I had pulled up my booking number it indeed said I booked and there was supposed to be a class. Duh. that’s what I said initially!  The staff then (we’re 30 minutes into the palava by now) told me, oh the class was taken off this morning. No sorry, no explanation, nothing.  I was so disappointed with the customer service up until that point I decided to leave and re-book at another time, but will be asking for a refund. I guess I’m just used to the always lovely staff and service from running shops….

I cycled home and made some of Sophie’s Banana Peanut Butter Glitter Dream Protein Pancakes to cheer me up and then headed off to the new Lululemon studio in Islington for some free yoga.  The new Lululemon studio is on Barnsbury st. (one of the old Make Lounge studios!) and it’s SO NICE.  There’s a huge selection of their lovely lycra and downstairs is 2 studios, one for yoga and one for chilling out.  We had a great 1 hour class with Krystal Nash that really stretched out my running/cycling legs.  Her class was really good as she wasn’t all about holding poses for ever and modified everything for athletes who may have tighter muscles. * waves, that’s me*


After yoga I hit the couch and Alex and I inhaled delicious pizzas & some rose (it’s summer, drink of choice), listened to the Green Day concert at the Emerites and then wandered down Upper Street to catch a few drinks in the last of a pub garden’s warmth.

So, to recap:

The good: NTC, my new cycling jacket, free yoga
The bad: Evans Cycles
The Pizza: Stingray Cafe Prosciutto & Fungi. YUM


7 thoughts on “the good, the bad, and the pizza

  1. riversidebaking

    That studio sounds lovely, sometimes I wish i was nearer central and could get to this places. Sorry about you bike fix class, they sound a bit rubbish! Hope you find another one soon, maybe your local indy?

    1. lauraestewart Post author

      Actually, another “good” of my day was going to my local bike shop and having great customer service there as they let me park my bike in their store while doing yoga. I’ve learned my lesson 🙂

  2. pwhent

    I agree Laura, we are spoiled by the great service running shops give us. I use Runners Need in Holborn who are great. Unbelieveable display from Evans…..epic fail!!

  3. JenJ

    Wow, that’s beyond crap customer service. I’d write a mean ole letter.

    And so jealous you Londoners get all the fun stuff. Would love to be closer to try the Lululemon studio.

  4. Detox Me

    It’s so exciting that Lululemon is finally taking off over here. We love their free yoga classes – such a great way to try out a new lifestyle!


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