watching tigers with tigers

Last week Alex found us some tickets to the Life of Pi screening at the London Zoo.


They arranged the outdoor showing of the movie to support their new Tiger conservation area, so when we arrived we were ushered to the Tiger enclosure and handed tiger themed drinks!


After meeting Hari (his mom was sleeping) we bundled up and brought all the picnic foods from Waitrose to our comfortable seats on the lawn. 


The movie was great, but I don’t think the lions liked it as they were roaring throughout!



1 thought on “watching tigers with tigers

  1. Mary

    I love the idea of watching films somewhere different. London Zoo for Life of Pi…perfect! Last Summer I saw Grease at a drive-in at the park. (Fancy dress optional!) You had to tune your car radio in for the sound, people walked between cars selling popcorn and drinks and it was so much better than going to the cinema!


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